The Virtual Scoreboard Network
Cloud-based Live Scoreboard Distribution System

The VSBN is primarily a scoreboard data-aggregation platform (see The VSBN Project).

However, it does support a basic Public-deployed scoreboard model, detailed here....

How it works...

1. Someone creates the game Scoreboard

Someone from the team organization or fan base creates the game on this system. To do so, click on the link for New Game.

Once the game is created, the user will receive a Game number, along with a special access code that the person relaying the score will use to update the virtual scoreboard.

2. Tell everyone your game number

Publish the game number for scoreboard viewing through your fan-base communications channels. This might include email lists, facebook channels, twitter accounts, blogs, or anywhere else that your fans look to for information about upcoming games.

Fans can then use that game# to access the live online virtual scoreboard by coming to the website, and entering the game number into any View a live Scoreboard prompts -- including the one to the right of this page.

3. Someone attends the game and updates the virtual Scoreboard for all viewers

Once the game is created (#1 above), someone uses the special access code to access the score-relaying panel via their Smartphone, tablet, or regular computer. They log into the scoreboard control panel using the login fields at right -->. They then keep the virtual game scoreboard current by making the appropriate entries on the score panel via their smartphone or computer.

Let's get a win!

View a Live Scoreboard...

Game #:

Score Relay...

Using Android?
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Online Scorekeeper Instructions

New Game...

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