The Virtual Scoreboard Network
Cloud-based Live Scoreboard Distribution System

The VSBN Project

The Classic COM port

In today's highly interconnected world, live information is available at our fingertips. One of the natural fields of great interest is the score at the local ball game. Yet, in the scoreboard world, the protocols and standards for such information distribution have not yet been established.

Every team (professional, college, high school, middle-school, and even elementary and city leagues) has both home and away games. The highest interest level - of course - lies with the away game. But, every away game is also a home game, and any truely effective system will work equally well - regardless of the game proximity.

Existing methods require additional equipment, physical com-port connections, and cryptic bit-data flows. These efforts were a huge step-forward in the 80s and 90s. But, by today's standards they are clunky, inefficient, expensive, and quite incompatible with packet networks.

New methods and protocols are needed in order to seamlessly distribute live scoreboard data through the packet networks that comprise the Internet. And, for the conveyance of this data between systems and platforms to serve the industry whole.

This is the VSBN Project: to engage, propose, and facilitate discussion toward the goal of establishing the internet-friendly methods and standards that will ultimately allow live scoreboard data to flow into and throughout the cloud.

Toward that end, VSBN has a number of documents available for consideration. Get API Documents

VSBN Proposed Name/Value Pairs

VSBN Subscriber Client Webservice (for acquiring and displaying scoreboard data)

VSBN Incoming Webservice (for software scoreboard systems)

VSBN Hardware Scoreboard Interfacing (for hardware scoreboard systems)

Get API Documents

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