The Virtual Scoreboard Network
Cloud-based Live Scoreboard Distribution System

The Virtual Scoreboard Network

The Virtual Scoreboard Network is designed as an aggregation site -- where large volumes of field score data can be acquired from the event (either directly from the scoreboard system itself, or through a manual-relay of some sort), and then serves that live data back to the interested audiences via common cloud-based delivery systems. See The VSBN Project for more information.

In it's simplest form, a designated on-site score-relay person sets up the game on the VSBN, and then shares the game number with the team's fans or followers. They can also simply "like" the specific scoreboard page to their facebook channel, and viewers can arrive with a single click.

While at the game, the score-relayer inputs the score data via a simple enabled-smartphone interface, and countless remote viewers can see the virtual scoreboard in live time via the simple web scoreboards.

In it's most complex form, data flows into the VSBN directly from the scoreboard controller. That data is "mapped" by the scoreboard's owner to game and scoreboards setup within the VSBN system. That data then flows out via multiple streams to the companies, organizations, publications, apps, desktops, and firmware-based systems that deliver the information to the consuming public.

This is a great way to keep a fan-base up-to-date on your team's winnings. Each scoreboard stays online for at least 90 days.

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